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Support our relief efforts

Although Yemen is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, the only sources of medical and humanitarian aid for thousands of civilians in Yemen’s protest zones are modest field hospitals staffed by volunteers. Even the most basic medical supplies are expensive by local standards, while the kinds of equipment needed to treat the serious injuries Yemeni volunteers are seeing are all but out of reach. Without the volunteer field hospitals, hundreds more would have died in recent attacks. Without your immediate support, these modest medical facilities may be unable to face the next attack.
Since March, the Yemen Peace Project has been raising money to help fund locally-run medical and humanitarian relief efforts in Yemen’s three largest cities, Sanʻa, Taʻiz, and ʻAden. The YPP is the only foreign organization directly funding these projects. All of the money collected through our website goes directly to those in charge of these efforts.

Please support these crucial humanitarian efforts by purchasing an aid package. When you purchase one of the aid packages below, the Yemen Peace Project delivers your money directly to one of the projects listed above. The people of Yemen need your help now.

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